data analytic and graphical presentation


Data analytic and Graphic control and monitoring Calendar, File manager


Data analytic from you security installations

Over time, lots of data is produced. Vi collect and present the data to give you a quick tool to understand what is going on. The data is processed by ai driven engine.
It is possible to connect different types of company data to the dashboard as well

Booked appointments?

In the portal, you can see booked service calls, installation testing and other relevant topics

Graphical control and monitoring

Login and look at realtime events from you installation. Control and execute commands at the connected sub-systems
It is possible to connect any time of security sub-system

Files and documents

See relevant documents related to your specific installation

a service from svasystem

alviscloud is our next natural step towards digitization of electronic security applications. Our ambition is to deliver a customer portal where you have a secure and quick access to your installations.

alviscloud is hosted on the world’s first climate positive data center.
Highest possible physical and well as digital security is applied.
The site is monitored by 24/7 security guards.
Data center is located in Sweden.
Certification ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9001
Security class 3
Alarm class 3

Short numbers


Years’ experience of integrations


Interfaces towards different sub-systems and manufacturers


Installations world wide

Are you ready to take the step towards digitization?

Contact us to connect your installations to alviscloud